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Updates from UAC (4)

Noveno in prepration for the Feast

Nine days novena in honour of our founder St. Vincent Pallotti began on the 13th Jan 2011, with full devotion and enthusiasm amongst the UAC members. The first 3 days the novena is being held in Pallotti Bhavan, the next one in the Pallotti Engineering College, the next one in one of the homes of a UAC member, one in the Pallottine sisters convent, one in PAC, and the concluding last two days in the Parish at Pallotti Nagar, where the feast will also be celebrated. A good number of the UAC members are making it a point to participate in the novena before they renew their annual commitment. The themes chosen for reflection these days are connected with life of UAC and evangelization.  


The Regional UAC Congress

The Regional UAC Congress in Tamilnadu was organized on 20th & 21st September 2012 at PILLAR, Madurai, Tamilnadu. The theme of the congress was Pallotti: UAC and its Relevance. There were 70 participants gathered for the congress from all over Tamilnadu. The participants were: Pallottine priests, Pallottine missionary sisters, lay people from Pallottine parishes, diocesan priest, layperson from the diocesan parish, and representatives from other religious congregations. The regional congress was declared open and the inaugural address was delivered by Rev. Fr. Camilo Simoes SAC, the Provincial, and its translation was given by Fr. Francis Sahaya Rajan SAC, The vice-Provincial of The Assumption Province, Bangalore.

During these two days there were talks, presentations and discussions on Pallotti and UAC. It was a new experience of coming together and reflecting on the importance of the charism of our founder and UAC. The congress was new venture in Tamilnadu and it gave a platform to begin UAC at the grassroots level especially in parishes and institutes. The regional congress after its spiritual, intellectual and social awakening calls for our initiatives, cooperation and union.



Blessing of the new Shrine of Mary Queen of the Apostles at PAC and for the inauguration of the new Novena to Mary Queen of the Apostles on Thursday June 6th evening. It was followed by and dinner in honour of Rev. Fr. James Joseph, the outgoing Director of PAC. The programme saw the Blessing of the Grotto by Very Rev. Fr. Jerome Pinto, the VG of the Archdiocese, introduction to the New Novena to Mary Queen of the Apostles by Fr. Thomas Vijay, adoration and the Novena followed by farewell Dinner in honour of Rev. Fr. James Joseph. Almost all the UAC members could make it for the evening and had a pleasant experience.


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