SCC Related Books :

1. DIIPA Introductory Workshop Book (English, Hindi)

2. DIIPA Team Training Manual (English, Hindi)

3. Seven Steps Gospel Sharing Cards (English, Hindi)

4. Four methods of Gospel Sharing cards (English, Hindi)

5. SCCs are Instrument of Evangelization. (English, Hindi)

6. New Way of Being Church (English, Hindi)

7. New Wine in New Wineskins – Guidelines for PPC/DPC (English, Hindi)

8. Origin, Development and Theology of Gospel Sharing by Bishop Oswald Hirmer (English)

9. FABC Bandung Statement 1990 (English)

10. In the Path of the New Way - SCC Story Book (English)

11. Teachings of the Church on SCCs (English)

12. Swaranjali – SCC Hymn Book

13. DVD on the New Way of Being Church.


Reprints :

1. Our Journey Together- RCIA

2. Lumko Texts No 15P& 15M, 16P& 16M, 10,30.


1. Chosen to Bear Fruits that Endure (English, Hindi in print)

2. Handbook for UAC members (English)

3. Book on St Vincent Pallotti (English)

4. Before Him- Adoration Book (English, Hindi)


DIIPA Video on SSCs


1. DIIPA vision- a new way of being Church  (14. mins.)
Training Module: 1

In this Video we are introduced to the vision and mission of DIIPA to what the gospels, popes, Vatican II, FABC and CBCI say about this new way of being Church and the characteristics of SCC members. It is a captivating narration of the vision of DIIPA.

    DIIPA team training & becoming Jesus community in mission (12. mins.)
Training Module: 2

This film portrays vividly the fact that SCC building demands a new style of leading, enabling and empowering people to follow Jesus in His Mission. It presents the characteristics ofthe SCC Animator as against a teacher.

     Building emergent leadership  (15. mins.)
Training Module: 3

Successful SCC building implies that animator bear attention to both community building and leadership building simultaneously. This film lucidly portrays how SCCs pit it into practice.
    SCC the fountain of ongoing formation, Evangelization & new ministries (14. mins.) Training Module: 4
This film depicts SCCs as a wellspring of Christian Community life. It helps us to respond effectively to the needs of ongoing formation, evangelization and ministries in the Church and the society.
       The Seed of New Society – Neighbourhood C’s (30. mins.)
Training Module: 5

‘Become a seed for a new society based on love” Pope John Paul II. A visual account of how Gospel Sharing methods help small Christian communities around India- urban & rural, rich & poor, literate & illiterate alike- in their neighbourhood to discover a new way of being Church. Listen to 9 bishops from around the country, appreciating SCCs.

For DVD copies do write to:
The Secretary, Pallottine Animation Centre
Post Box No 18, Pallotti Nagar, Nagpur 440013.
Phone: 0712-2581255, 2581744
Price: 200/- Postage Extra.

Produced & Presented by:
Rev. Fr. Thomas Vijay
@ Pallottine Animation Centre
For DIIPA Coordination Team, India


Resource Material for  SCCs      

1. DIIPA Introductory Workshop : (English & Hindi) This hand book is a DIIPA material for a basic course in building small Christian communities. The participants are introduced to the basic understanding  of Church as a communion, the kingdom vision realized through the “New Way of Being Church”, Our dream of  a Participatory Church, DIIPA vision, Bandung statement, what SCCs are, experience and inputs on Gospel Sharing, Leadership in the New Way, etc. It is a 5 full day workshop, which includes activities like Eucharist, Gospel sharing, entertainment etc. These handbooks are available in Pallottine Animation Centre in English & Hindi languages. Different regions have translated and printed this book in 12  vernacular language which can be obtained from them. Price Rs.25/-

2.  Facilitating the ‘Jesus-Community-in-Mission’ - DIIPA Team Training Manual. The understanding of the DIIPA training vision as ‘Facilitating the Jesus-Community-in-Mission’ is a gift of Spirit received through the teaching of the Church authorities (FABC Bandung 1990 No.9.1 ) and through years of efforts by SCCs and their animators to imbibe the spirituality of ‘A New Way of Being Church’ in Asia, particularly in India. The FABC Bandung statement 1990 clearly states that the focus of ‘A New Way of Being Church’ in Asia is that our communities embrace the spirit of ‘Jesus-in-Mission’ in an authentic way.  Our primary focus in the DIIPA Team Training of animators is to help them become a ‘Jesus-Community-in-Mission’ ie. a team filled with the spirit of Jesus and his mission, following his style of animation. The DIIPA Introductory Workshop which is the first stage, is a pre-requisite for this training programme. The participants are expected to come and work as a team. This handbook has a trainers manual as well as participants and is available in Hindi also. Price Rs.40/-
3.  SCCs are Instruments of Evangelization. The small communities have proved that what Pope John Paul II stated in Redemptoris Missio No.51 about SCCs as instruments of Evangelization is very true. We also realize that evangelization is a community task that begins with the community and flows into others. This hand book is a very effective tool to help a community to see itself collectively as an agent of evangelization and can lead to authentic experience of conversion in them. This book prepares the faithful to be authentic agents of evangelization in their neighbourhoods. The Hindi text is also available. Price Rs.15/-

4.  DIIPA Swaranjali - SCC Hymn book. The hymnal has a collection of Hymns and bhajans related to SCC themes like Community, Word of God, Service, Love etc. both in Hindi and English. It also contains devotional songs and action songs both religious and secular in various languages which can be used during liturgies, workshops and meetings. Price Rs. 15/-         

5. Theology of Gospel Sharing by Bishop Oswald Hirmer. Personal sharing of how gospel sharing began by the founder himself Bishop Oswald of Umtata dioceses, Germany. Its also has the spiritual and theological foundation of gospel sharing. It is a very useful book by the great theologian himself and gives a quick overview of the importance of Gospel sharing. Price Rs.15/-

6. Four Ways of Gospel Sharing & Gospel Sharing Cards (Eng & Hindi) Other than 7-step gospel sharing the other 3 methods namely group response, look listen and love and life bible notes are given. It is very useful in those communities who have digested the 7step sufficiently well and are ready to be inspired by God through other methods and reach out to others. These other methods of gospel sharing will help the community not to inward looking but rather become prophetic and evangelize the world at large by involving in civic and political issues in the neighbourhood. The back bone of all these methods being the 7-step method of gospels sharing. Price Rs. 1/-

7. Our Journey together (English) : This is a very useful handbook for Christian initiation of adults used all over Asia.(RICIA) It is a very effective tool for adult catechesis in SCCs. It has 47 Catechetical sessions for catechumen communities called “OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER” because this guide helps Christians and catechumens to walk together on the road of faith, helping each other on the way to Baptism and deeper understanding of the faith. Price Rs.100/-   

8. FABC Bandung Statement 1990. “Journeying together towards the third millennium” the final statement of the fifth plenary assembly of the federation of Asian Bishops conference 1990 Bandung, Indonesia is the Magna Carta for the new way of being Church in Asia. All AsIPA and DIIPA training programmes are based on this document. This is a full document available in a handbook form. This is the most recent and powerful church document for Asia which supports and lays guidelines for SCCs. Price Rs. 15/-

9. In the Path of the New Way- SCC Stories : This book is an effort to collect stories about the struggles and successes in SCCs of the faithful all over the country and from other dioceses in other countries in Asia and Europe to share their Christian experience with others. It is also to inspire and motivate animators and communities who are struggling to become salt and leaven in their neighbourhood. It has a collection of more than 500 such events under different topics like, SCC and families, SCCs as living Church in the neighbourhood, witness, social change, over coming social barriers etc. Price Rs. 100/-

10. Church teachings on SCC: This book tries to gather together the teaching of the Church on SCCs, Universal and particular, at different times and reflect on them so that one can see that the emergence of SCCs is not just a casual development in some isolated places, but it the handy work of God to enable believing communities to experience a very authentic and deep sense of Church and be transformed by it in the confusing voices heard amidst their struggles to find meaning in life. Price Rs 15/-

11. New wine in New Wineskins – Guidelines for PPC/DPC (English, Hindi in Print) This Guidelines for PPC and DPC aims at helping the parish community to visualize the PPC and DPC as primary symbols of ecclesial communion and effective pastoral coordination. They empower the whole community to act in a co-responsible manner in making the community grow fully mature to the full stature of Christ (Eph.4:11-13). PPC and DPC search for ways to build up each member of the community in faith and service so that they function as they should, making the whole body effective in witnessing to Christ (Eph.4:16).Price Rs.15/-

12. New Way of Being Church (English, Hindi) These lessons on ‘A “New Way of Being Church”’ are necessitated by the lack of clarity about it in the minds of many pastoral workers. Many look at SCCs as another Association; some of the clergy and religious see it as something for lay people and still others say SCCs means Gospel Sharing. We hear others ask, ‘What is the “Old Way” then’? The workshop lessons in this book attempt to help all the faithful, especially the SCC animators, to reflect deeply and see the larger vision of the Church given to us by our bishops collectively. Price Rs 15/.

13. LUMKO Texts no- 10, 15P,15M, 16P & 16M. By F. Lobinger. For several years now the LUMKO series TRAINING FOR COMMUNITY MINISTRIES  has been used in many countries of the third world. The series consists of nine different kits and fourteen booklets, for the use of the average pastoral workers and their co-workers. These materials have helped many parishes to move towards a life of participation and communion, through which they will be more able to be a sign and instrument for the renewal of the world. These manuals grew out of hundreds o f meetings, discussions and training sessions with priests and community leaders. It is a unique work of valuable contributions for the manuscript from Frs. F. Makoro, Oswald Hirmer, H. Slattery and V.Hill.

14. Lumko Text no 10– TOWARDS NON-DOMINATING LEADERSHIP– By F. Lobinger. This is a practical publication for community oriented ministry, principles of training emergent leaders, the methods of training, etc. It is the reflection of years of practical work in leading the dioceses and parishes towards developing a non dominating ministry in the church. Price  Rs-50/-

15. LUMKO 15P, 15M– This booklet is designed as a help for pastoral workers to grow spiritually and in leadership skills. It deals with spiritual growth of the animator who journeys with his other fellow servants to try and discover together how Christ can be followed in serving the Christian community. The themes of these booklet can be used by parish priest to conduct spiritual formation of his co-workers. Price—Individual Rs. 30/-

16. LUMKO 16P, 16M– by R. Stewart, R. Broderick and F. Lobinger – This booklet is written for the many kinds of leaders of Christian communities. Its intention is to help them grow spiritually. The best way of using it is to study it together in groups of leaders, assisted by the local priest or another trainer. Booklet 16 can precede booklet 15 or follow it. There is no necessary connection between them. Spiritual reading is given prominence in this booklet. Price—Individual Rs. 30/-

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